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There are many auto transport companies to choose from, but what sets ATS Transport above the rest is we stress ethics, integrity and
five stars customer service.


ATS Transport is a family owned and operated auto transport company. We are centrally located in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

ATS Transport is a fully licensed and bonded company with the Federal Motor Carriers
Safety Administration.

There are many auto transport companies to choose from, but what sets ATS Transport above the rest is we stress ethics, integrity and excellent customer service. Our focus is to be the most dependable auto shipper in the industry. Many auto shipping companies will give you a competitive price, but ATS Transport strives to bring you the best service to your door at a price you can afford, no matter where you need to move! Our main focus is to deliver complete satisfaction above all other car transporters. We make sure that our customers are kept informed every step of the way from the time your vehicle is picked up, to the time it is delivered. ATS Transport wants to become your number one choice by emphasizing timely, safe and reliable transport every time.

ATS Transport only partners with the best, fully-insured, quality vehicle transportation companies who deliver reliable and speedy vehicle transportation at the right price.


  1. Individual Car Transporting Services - ATS Transport coordinates transportation for individuals, corporations, moving companies, auction companies or military personnel. We can help you get wherever you need us to go for the right price and without the headaches.
  2. “Snowbird” Vehicle Shipping - Retirees and summer home owners typically need auto transport twice a year – when heading south for the winter months and again when heading back up north for the summer. Auto transport is a great way to move your vehicle if you don’t want to have to drive it yourself
  3. Military Car Transport  - Our fighting men and women are almost always on the move from one part of the country to another or one base to another. Auto transportation is often a more cost effective way then driving your vehicle yourself.
    ** ATS Transport offers Military Discounts **
  4. Car Dealership Vehicle Transportation  - choose from the large selection of latest pre-made blocks - full-screen intro, bootstrap carousel, content slider, responsive image gallery with lightbox, parallax scrolling, video backgrounds, hamburger menu, sticky header and more.Try it now!

Whatever your reason for needing a vehicle shipped, we can help.
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Open vehicle shipping is the most cost effective way to move your car. With open auto transport, your vehicle is placed on an open-air auto shipping trailer. This type of car transport works with any vehicle, including trucks, SUVs, motorcycles and boats. The down side of open vehicle transport is that your vehicle is exposed to the elements during the vehicle shipping process. But remember that many car dealerships trust open car shipping for many of their new cars.

ATS Transport’s Enclosed Car Transport Service provides the most protection for your vehicle. Our enclosed auto shipping service uses only the best enclosed auto transport trailers that will protect your vehicle during inclement weather. Enclosed car shipping protects your vehicle from any potentially damaging road hazards such as low hanging trees, debris from travel, and many other unexpected elements ATS Transport highly recommends enclosed auto shipping for high-value exotic cars, classic cars, luxury autos, and even motorcycles. Enclosed car shipping is the best option when you need white glove service to protect the value of the car. Keep in mind that, in most cases, shipping enclosed can be significantly more expensive than open auto transport.



An auto transport broker is an intermediary between you the customer and the motor carrier that will actually transport your car. A broker designs the best strategy to respond to your specific demands, increasing your chances to have a good car shipping experience.

Some people tend to reject the idea of a broker, and may wonder if there is any way that the “middle man” can be eliminated. Here is our answer.

Can I do without a broker?
Provided that you agree to take upon yourself the risk of an uncertain, time-consuming and (more often than not) more expensive car transport experience, yes. However, we do not recommend that you do it.

Why is using a broker a better idea? Consider these facts:
One of the main reasons is that they aren’t tied down with their fleet. Many carriers have a fleet of trucks, but the problem is that their fleet is often far away from where you happen to be. A broker, on the other hand, is able to quickly and easily track down trucks in your immediate area; that way, your pickup time is much sooner than going with a carrier.

Brokers have a vast experience in intermediating car transports and have filtered the good carriers from the bad ones. It is a lengthy process of learning, through which they have already done for you. It is wise not to try to go through this process yourself, and at the expense of your car. Brokers are centered around customer service. It is possible that motor carriers do not have such a department (some drivers own their company too), which may make for an extremely stressful experience.

Do-it-yourself car shipping may end up an extremely time-consuming, and a more expensive alternative. On the other hand, brokers have already defined strategies for moving your car safely and as cheap as possible.

If you decide to do it yourself, you will have to find not only a main carrier, but possibly deal with terminals or flatbed services, and carefully synchronize all of these with your schedule, while still keeping it cheap. We see this as a highly risky endeavor.

So it can be easier to use an auto shipping broker, what else?
Besides, why would you want to tie yourself down to one carrier? Car shipping is not an exact business; many times, trucks run late and sometimes even cancel. When you ship with a car shipping carrier, as opposed to a car shipping broker, you’re tied down, and if the carrier suddenly decides to drop the ball, you’re sent packing with nowhere else to go. Not so with a car shipping brokerage. If a truck breaks down or fails to pickup the car (rare occurrences, to be sure), they can just find another one, saving you time and money on your car transport.

Another great thing about a brokerage, more specifically, using our website to get free car shipping quotes, is that you aren’t obligated to ship with any of them. With carriers, typically you’ll get a quote and then they’ll want to book it immediately. Not so with a brokerage. With a brokerage, you can get quotes, see their prices, and then react to the price and see which one is best suited for you; mostly, the quotes you get from carriers will be estimates, and then they’ll spring you with additional fees and surcharges. With a brokerage handling your car transport, the price you’re quoted is the price you pay. End of story.

Okay, I get a lot more options with brokers, I like that!
What’s also nice about booking your car shipping with a brokerage is that you same time, money, and hassle. With a carrier, it sounds like you’d be getting a good deal: direct contact with the trucks, etc. However, that’s just not the case. Many carriers don’t have the equipment necessary to communicate with their trucks the way brokerages can. Plus, carriers have many trucks all across the United States; brokerages have one at a time. The customer service representative (CSR) from the brokerage you choose for your transport focuses on you; the CSR at a carrier has so many more things they need to do, and you will get lost in the shuffle.


Auto shipping is a process of shipping the car from dealer’s lot or from any other locality that links shipping companies, consumers and dealers in the most efficient way possible. Because of the increasing demand and heavy traffic there are numerous auto companies that offers a reliable and affordable service. These companies provides auto transport checklist for car owners who are decided to transport their car using the service. Once you received the transport estimates and chosen the car transport service you need to follow the guidelines given in the checklist before the auto shipping company comes to pick up the vehicle or when you decide to leave your car at the service terminal. Following the guidelines will minimize potential problems that may arise at the point of time.

STEP 1 - Your Vehicle Is Safe
and Functioning

The first thing you need to make sure is that your car is safe and functioning. The transporters will make sure that the brakes and steering are working properly by driving the car on and off the carrier at some time during the delivery. Usually a car transport truck has two levels and your car might be on the top of another person’s car.

STEP 2 – You Should Be Present
On Inspection

You should be present during the inspection of your vehicle before shipping. Companies require you to sign a bill of lading as well as details on the state of the vehicle. The checking is done both before the car is shipped and when the vehicle arrives at its destination. If it is impossible for you to be present during the inspection you may ask someone as your representative to be present during the inspection. In case there is any damage to your car during transport, ATS Transport will provide you (customer) the carriers Certificate of Insurance, so a claim can be made.

STEP 3 – Prepare Your Vehicle 

Make sure that you have disabled anti-theft devices and alarms connected in the car. It might cause problems and unwanted expenses if the alarm goes off during the transport of the vehicle. Remove personal belongings except the tools that are needed such as spare tire and jacks.

Personal items are prohibited in the vehicle during transport. ATS Transport and/or the carrier are NOT responsible for any personal items in the vehicle and they are NOT covered
under the carriers insurance. 


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